The Waterville Township Board of trustees would like to ask township residents to support the efforts of the Anthony Wayne Alumni Association Scholarship fund.  The alumni association awards the scholarships to students pursing education in any area involving public safety.

For more information on the scholarships, or to make a donation, please contact:
Anthony Wayne Alumni Association
P.O. Box 2441
Whitehouse, OH  43571


(Wireless Emergency Notification System)  — In a regular meeting of the Waterville Township Board of Trustees (12/16/20), a motion was passed to eliminate our Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS) due to its limited use. This was done as a cost savings measure for the township. The service will end at the end of this calendar year.

Patty Rupert, Assistant to Fiscal Officer


WATERVILLE TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES is pleased to announce Klumm Brothers Waste Solutions is now our exclusive waste provider for Waterville Township! Township residents are asked to contact Klumm directly if they require weekly pick-up. Contact forms are posted on the hall door as well as our website. Please visit our Services Tab for complete information.

Attorney General Opinion 


1. As  a taxing unit, a park-district board is not authorized under R.C. §5705.13, or any other statute, to create a reserve fund; instead, it may establish a replacement fund only, pursuant to R.C.§1545.28.

2. As a taxing unit, a park-district board derives authority to levy or replace taxes under R.C. §1545.20-21, not R.C. Chapter 5705.

3. A park-district board is authorized to modify the language of a replacement, or replacement and additional tax levy, under R.C. §1545.21.

4. Commissioners of a park-district board established under R.C. Chapter 1545 are not required to reside in the territory of the park district, regardless of their ability to levy taxes.

Make Sure Broadband Maps Are Accurate 

The FCC has released new and updated maps that provide location specific data down to the address. To make sure these maps are as accurate as possible, we encourage you and your networks to help us improve the high-speed internet availability maps to bridge the broadband coverage gaps! 

It’s easy, follow these steps … 

1. Search your address at

2. Click on the gear symbol, on the right side of the screen, and ensure ‘All Wired and Licensed Fixed Wireless’ is selected under ‘Technology’

3. Is the location information correct? If not, click ‘Location Challenge’

4. Are the internet services listed for your address available? If not, click ‘Availability Challenge’

Completion of these steps by constituents everywhere will bring Ohio closer to closing the digital divide. Please share with your township residents and encourage them to participate! If you have any questions, please contact

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