Cemetery Information


Cemetery Rules:

  1. No Trees or shrubs may be planted on cemetery lots
  2. All Decorations will be removed by March 15th
  3. Flowers may only be placed on or within Twelve (12) inches of the Head Stone
  4. Fence, borders, decorations interfering with mowing or trimming will be removed.
  5. To inquire about plots or other information Contact Sexton at: (419) 878-5176
    By order of the Waterville Township Trustees

Cemetery Rates:

Schedule of Cemetery Fees For Whitehouse and Wakeman Cemeteries

 Cemetery Lot  $800.00
  Open/Close Fee
 Weekday  $800.00
 Saturday, Sunday & Holidays  $1,200.00
 Open/Close Fee
Weekday  $400.00
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays  $500.00
 Deed Transfer Fee  $15.00
 Disinterment Fee  $1,200.00

*Effective 10-16-17