Refuse Information

Trash-cansToter Rental from Stevens Disposal & Recycling Service:
Stevens Disposal & Recycling Service has been awarded the contract for refuse & recycling services for the township beginning June 1, 2014. General guidelines are listed below along with a calendar page on the back indicating service dates for your location. Stevens will start at 6:00 a.m. Please have your waste and recycling out to the curb prior to that time.
NOTE: New service day is on MONDAYS.
Stevens will rent 96 gallon toters for either trash or recycling at a cost of $3.00 per month per toter and will be billed on a yearly basis ($36.00/year). There is a one time delivery fee for the toters of $10.00, unless the toters are delivered during the first round of deliveries. Black lid toters are for trash and green lid toters are for recycling. Stevens will supply one 18 gallon recycling bin per residence at no charge. Additional bins are available for $10.00 with a $10.00 delivery fee.

Collection Frequency:
Stevens will service half of the township one week (all stops on SR 64 and south = YELLOW DOTS on calendar) and the other half of the township during the second week (all stops north of SR 64 = GREEN DOTS on calendar). Please see calendar on reverse side for your service week.

Additional Service Available:
Stevens Disposal & Recycling Service will provide off week service for an additional fee of $7.00 per month for those that are interested. Off week service will be billed directly to the resident on a quarterly basis ($21.00/quarter). You must call Stevens at 800-779-0344 to sign up for this additional service.

Container Size, Quantity, & Weight Restrictions:
No container or bag should EXCEED 35 gallons in size or weigh more than 50 pounds, unless it is a Stevens supplied 96 gallon toter (see CART RENTAL). There is a maximum of six (6) containers allowed along with unlimited bags of “normal household waste”.
NOTE: Yard waste can be taken to Ohio Compost & Recycling at 10839 Sager (SR 20A), 419-897-7807.

Bulk Item Procedures:
Stevens will take one bulk item per residence per month at no charge during your first pick-up of each month. There is no need to call. However, if you have additional bulk items, you must call customer service at 800-779-0344 and pay $15.00 per item prior to your next service day. Extremely heavy items may require an additional fee. Bulk items include, but are not limited to; mattresses, box springs, bedding fixtures, other furniture items, water tanks, carpeting and padding (must be cut and tied into four foot bundles with five (5) bundles = one bulk item). Freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioning units must have the Freon removed prior to pick-up, otherwise it is a $75.00 fee and must be paid prior to service.

Six (6) Holidays to be Observed:
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Other Notations:
Please help our employees by keeping your trash and recycling separate.
Stevens will make one delivery run per month after the initial round of deliveries of our equipment. We will need to have your request for additional equipment by the 15th of a given month for delivery prior to the next month.
Stevens accepts credit/debit card, check by phone, and online payments at no additional charge.

Refuse Calendar