Going out of town? Concerned about your home while you’re away? We can help…

The Waterville Township Police Department will be implementing a new crime prevention program to better serve its citizens. This initiative will serve to supplement the existing house watch program for those residents who do not possess alarm or camera systems. Our agency will be able to provide temporary burglar alarms and hidden cameras to citizens, effective June 15, 2015. These cameras and alarms will be loaned to residents, free of charge, and installed on a first come, first served basis. The police department only has a limited supply of these hidden cameras and burglar alarms to install, and they can only be utilized while homeowners are away for a moderate period of time. Citizens wishing to use one of these devices will need to contact the police department at (419) 878-9991 at least 72 hours prior to going out of town. Citizens will be required to sign a request and waiver form prior to installation.

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