Welcome to Waterville Township!

Waterville Township is situated in and around the Village of Whitehouse and the City of Waterville. It is generally comprised of agricultural areas, but does contain many homes, subdivisions, and businesses. The township is governed by trustees and has a full-time police department. The maintenance department is responsible for road repairs and taking care of the local cemeteries. Fire and medical emergencies are the responsibility of the Whitehouse and Waterville fire departments.

Feel free to look around the website to obtain information on departments, services, regulations, and personnel contact links.

Leaf Pickup

Leaf pick up in Waterville Township will begin October 31st. Ohio Compost will monitor the township and collect leaf piles as they are put out by our residents.
Please be sure to get the leaves gathered in a timely manner to make this process as efficient as possible. Also, keep in mind the following when collecting your leaves for pick up: Do not piles leaves around signposts, mailboxes or fire hydrants. Also, keep piles within 8 feet of the edge of the road.
Thank you and have a great fall!

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